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A close-harmony, vocal group based on the Isle of Wight.
These ladies have sang together since May 2015 and have performed across England as well as in Monaco and Florida! Inspired by The Andrews Sisters, they offer over 3 hours of impressive harmonies and beautiful arrangements.

Meet The Ladies


Harriet Jane


our lower harmony!

Her unique brassy tone is stunningly paired with a surprisingly wide range.

She is the mother of the group, we would be lost without her.


Thea Grace


our soprano! 

Her operatic tone is beautiful and impressive! She's the youngest and therefore the baby of the group.

She's the most photogenic and it's impossible to get an ugly photo of her!


Natalie (Nia)


our middle harmony!

Her sassy solos are always a hit as well as her gorgeous smooth vocals.

She is the oldest and can usually be found cuddling a puppy or making the rest of the group laugh.

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